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Recovery Connection is based on an Alternative Peer Group Model, which emphasizes the importance of “community” and strives to promote a nurturing, safe environment for all of our participants and staff at all times. Our intensive recovery support services assist young people and the families who are struggling with substance use to achieve and maintain long term recovery by provided the best possible care and support. Services include counselors who specialize in treatment of substance use disorders, certified peer recovery specialists, substance use screenings, substance use education groups and recovery support groups.

About Us

Recovery Connection Sober Living Homes are here to make a difference.
Together we can reach Unlimited Potential.

Recovery Connection Sober Living Homes purpose is to allow residents who are seeking recovery from substance use to live in a safe living home environment and work in the community while building a solid recovery foundation. In addition to providing housing, Recovery Connections is designed to give every resident all the tools and support that they need to achieve and maintain successful long-term recovery. Each sober living home has a house manager that is responsible for monitoring compliance in the home and the progress of the residents in their recovery.

To assure residents have the comprehensive treatment and coordinated care that they need to be successful living in a sober living environment, residents are expected to attend individual counseling, substance use/addiction counseling groups and 12-Step meetings in the community. Recovery Connections support residents in getting their life back on track by helping residents to connect with key community individuals and resources that will support them in their recovery journey. Some of the activities that the program offers include assisting residents to acquire Medicaid if they do not have insurance, assistance with job searches, and acquiring food from local food banks, among other things.

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

are well trained individuals who have personal experience with successful recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders are willing to assist others in finding their recovery. All CPRS’s have completed a 72 hour training and licensure process with the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). Through personal dedication and commitment to their own recovery, they are able to complement counseling and other treatment services by providing experiential knowledge, walking through participants’ problems alongside them, providing nonclinical support, and collaborating with participants and counselors to help create individualized treatment plans.

Substance Abuse Screening Assessment

serve as an objective measure of progress. We strive to help our young participants stay clean and sober, and support them throughout their recovery until they are able to achieve successful and continued abstinence. Therefore, we conduct periodic screenings for drug usage through Blue Ridge Scientific on a random, but regular basis. This information is reviewed by staff and shared with the participant. Participants are affirmed whenever progress is noted. When there is a lack of progress, emphasis is placed on examining what changes or additional support is needed to help the participant to be successful in achieving abstinence.

Substance Abuse Recovery Group

are groups administered by counselors and CPRS’s in a small group format, allowing participants to ask questions and receive immediate peer support. These groups cover a wide range of areas related to recovery such as education regarding the long- and short-term biopsychosocial effects of a specific substance, youth-oriented 12-Step Groups, which address how to achieve time in recovery, as well as how to best deal with intense emotions that they currently have or will encounter. Other group formats include SMART Recovery, which provides participants with tools to combat urges, and therapeutic group counseling which allows participants to develop trust and reliance in one another.

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